Make a Difference Worldwide is a Nonprofit Charitable Organization, founded in April 2008 by Glenn Dunlop former Irish League Football star and his wife Mardy Dunlop.  Married in 1991 and have two children, Hayley (20) and Joshua (15).
After being made aware of the situation in Malawi through a number of people who had witnessed this at first hand, Glenn set out on a fact finding mission.
He then started to build relationships with the local chiefs, communities and various government officials to establish how we can help them to help themselves! Thus the name of the organization was born "Make a Difference Worldwide". Our fundamental objective is to "help others to help themselves". They already have the ability within them to change their lives and we have come to empower them to grow through working together in self sustaining projects.
Edwin Tease was appointed as Projects Manager in March 2008 and is coordinating the project from the headquarters office in Belfast, N.Ireland. He has been married to his wife Tanya for 15 Years and has two children, Jessica (7) and Rebecca (5).  Formerly involved with their own business within the building trade, they have a wide range of skills which makes them suitable for such a task. `Ed says "it is amazing how people have contributed to the project since it first began. This is an ambitious project, when you consider the present mindsets and physical condition of the people; however we have many talented people committed to the work. Our role is to communicate the needs of the people and establish self sustaining projects, giving a hand up not a hand out."
Malawi is a beautiful country full of wonderful people and has much to offer. It will take time, but we can make a difference!