There are several ways you can help, whether as an individual, an organisation, or a business. We have something for everyone.

The first thing we would ask you to do is to help us spread the message. For instance, you could email the link to this website to friends or work colleagues and give them an opportunity to help also. We know there are many people with a heart to make a difference and it is our goal to help them to make this desire a reality.



Individual fundraising events. It may be that you intend or would like to take part in some sort of challenge. Why not do it and HELP Make a Difference? Contact us and tell us what type of challenge it is, and we will consider how we could help you achieve your goal whilst helping to make a difference!! As an individual you can help by doing the following: shopping stand, bag packing, events; or communicating the vision to others, such as local schools and youth groups.


This is an opportunity for your organisation to HELP Make a Difference.  We have several projects on the go at any time, and you could make one of them your project. We would help you by supplying the necessary information and following the story on this website. You could also help by doing one or more of the following: organise your own fundraising event; bring a team to an event; get involved with one of our construction trips.


Make a Difference Worldwide welcomes new and innovative partnerships with the private sector. These partnerships empower our organisation to fulfil the vision. In turn, by helping us, corporations can engage their employees, customers, and other stakeholders in a life-saving mission. Your company can provide strategic support while receiving recognition for participation. Can your company provide any of the following: Cash, Logistics equipment, Communications, Technology, Food, Expertise, Training? To find out how your company can create a long-term partnership with Make A Difference Worldwide or provide short-term help, please e-mail us at: