MAKE A DIFFERENCE WORLDWIDE activities are primarily funded by donations from individuals.

First, a little of your money goes a very long way. Over 90% of resources (money, donations of materials, and the time of trustees) are used in Malawi, and we employ an Irish coordinator.

Second, our programs really WORK. This is because, being devised and implemented at the grass roots by the people who are supposed to benefit from them, the local people liaising with the local government officials, they are consistent with local cultural practices, as well as our long-term self-sustaining approach. Village projects form part of an integrated strategy to strengthen the local economy.

Make A Difference Worldwide has an excellent reputation. Even people who are not directly involved speak very positively about the way that it is bringing training and income-generation opportunities.

Since March 2008, MADW has had 8 sustainable jobs in Eferanja village. This employment figure is augmented by the often temporary employment that engages between 15 and 20 labourers/bricklayers/joiners within our self build program. The sustainable figure is set to rise to 25 by end of 2009 if funding can be secured to allow planned progress. While most salaries are low (though better than the local average), they provide important income and security for families with no other source of income.

Through working for or with Make a Difference, hundreds of people (core staff and other employees, all members of village committees, and even some of the Executive) are able to take more control of their lives and gain crucial skills in planning, management and representation. Obviously this takes time, but it is an example of empowerment at work.

The two primary ways of funding the mission are: