Our vision is: to help the most vulnerable people groups: orphans, single parent families, elderly and needy; addressing the issues of: Poverty, malnutrition, AIDS, poor health, education, farming and employment skills.
There have been various surveys and studies carried out by Worldwide Organisations (e.g. WHO, UNICEF, various universities, and many governments, including Malawi's own government). With the help of this information we hope to assist in bringing long term solutions to these problems.
Our method for achieving this is to help them to help themselves - through well researched, monitored, accountable, efficient and self sustaining projects which address every need within their communities, and touch the whole person, body mind and spirit.  Bringing hope support and encouragement.
The first part of the vision is to establish a multipurpose building within the community which will enable us to undertake a variety of projects. We can meet immediate needs by housing and feeding orphans distribute food aid, provide daycare, training workshops and have a library and computer suite.
There is a strong community spirit among the people of Malawi. This is an area where we can learn from them! That spirit can be harnessed to make the whole community stronger and more effective, and eventually empower them to help others.
Money is only a tool; it is not the answer! We are passionate about finding sustainable solutions that will make a lasting difference.
We want to give something back to every individual, group, business or community that gets involved. It is our aim that we give good media coverage where possible and advertising space to all our corporate donors.
Our volunteers will benefit through added skills and experiences along with the satisfaction of knowing they have made a difference!
Our aim is to impact all those who get involved in a life changing, rewarding and positive way!